Tammy Linn is an ambitious force to be reckoned with. She has worked for Lund Cadillac, educated over 10k teachers, received over $350k in grant funding, been on a plane refueling mid-air, dealt with plenty of media, and has considered being president. Tammy was the first person in her family to go to college, and get a Masters degree. She hasn’t had a role model to look up to, but has for sure been a role model to so many. 

COVID-19 hasn’t been much of a scare to her. Dealing with 7 miscarriages and being robbed not much scares her. She says, “I’ve picked up the slack and developed resources to be supportive.” Tammy is not only maintaining peace during this time, but helping and encouraging others to do so as well. Over the years, she has learned to not only adjust to change but management styles as well. She states, “You have to get that it’s not forever. You can look at everything in a filter. Pick yourself up and say this too shall pass, and we will get through this.”

In the past, Tammy has lived in Arizona. While being employed at Lund Cadillac Company, she was approached by Arizona’s governor at the time, Jane Hull. Governor Hull recruited Tammy to work for her at the governor’s office, and create a Character Education program. Tammy developed and wrote the first directory that included all services and programs available for women and children. She also wrote grants, held conferences, and much more, educating over 10k teachers.

Tammy has experienced many phenomenal opportunities. From traveling internationally to speak, being honored with plenty of awards, and riding on a mid-air refueling plane. If you’re not familiar with mid-air refueling, here’s what Tammy said. “We were on a plane the size of a 747 (400 seats), going 550 MPH. They had a 3ft hole to put the nozzle in when we were flying. I asked, ‘Where are they putting the fuel?’ They responded, ‘It’s all around you!’”

Tammy is currently a volunteer grant writer for local charities. “For every grant I’ve written, I’ve gotten the funds. Total, I’ve received around $350k in funding.” Tammy has been on both sides of the process. From reading proposals, to writing argumentatively to obtain a grant, she enjoys it! 

One interesting fact (among many) is that Tammy has considered being president. She says, “What happens is that you have to be able to commit the amount of time. You have to be a huge fundraiser. I’d be a one term president.” What’s amazing about Tammy, is that she will go out to do what is right. She has been involved with whistle blowing in the past, and is not afraid to take a stand for people doing the wrong things. 

Lastly, Tammy has raised three boys. It for sure hasn’t been an easy road, but through 7 miscarriages, she’s learned to let God lead. Raising boys, she says, “I just shake my head and say, ‘I don’t get it!’” During her pregnancy, she had four blood thinner injections everyday. Her boys were born at 37, 43, and 40 weeks. When she looks at them, she says, “I wanted them, and God did, too.”