1. What is your name and title? 

“Monique Jeanne Morrow.  I am a Senior Distinguished Architect, Emerging Technologies at Syniverse [based in Tampa, Florida], I am also President of the VETRI Foundation [Non -Profit] based in Zürich, Switzerland and finally President, Co-Founder of The Humanized Internet [Non-Profit] based in Zürich, Switzerland.”

2. Where do you work?

“I work remotely at Syniverse Technologies. https://www.syniverse.com/

3. What is the culture like in your office/organization? 

“The culture is transparent and open.”

4. Do you find yourself being the only female in meetings or on teams? If so, how does it feel? Has it been a challenge you have had to overcome?

“Sometimes, however, I believe that technology has no agency and that it is very important to focus on solving problems and developing industry solutions. I have never allowed my gender to deter me from understanding how technology can be used as an enabler for our society.”

5. What did you want to be when you grew up? — Is it the same as what you are now? If not, why do you think it changed?

“I wanted to go into sciences having received my first chemistry set when I was six years old.   After completing my undergraduate degree, I thought a  diplomatic career may have been an interesting  path for me. In the end, I discovered the Internet/distributed networking. I have been able to apply both my engineering and diplomatic skills together. I believe that learning is life-long and that our career paths will often change. I find these observations and experiences truly exciting!”

6. How has your industry changed over the years?

“I have observed phenomenal changes from the inception of the Internet to the Internet being core to our daily life. I am very excited about understanding  how we can use technologies  to explore next frontiers whether in healthcare; travel; frictionless value exchange and so on!”

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