Monique Jeanne Morrow

Pioneer, trailblazer, changemaker, influencer

Monique Jeanne Morrow is a determined, passion-filled woman. She is senior distinguished Engineer for Emerging Technologies at Syniverse. She is also the president of VETRI Foundation in Switzerland, and President/Co-founder of The Humanized Internet, two non-profit companies based in Switzerland. 

Monique is a busy lady. She holds 10 patents, and numerous accomplishments. A recent accomplishment of her’s was being named one of Forbes’ Top 50 Women in Tech. She believes that technology is good for our social community.

Growing up, Monique received her first chemistry set when she was six years old. Once she completed her undergraduate degree, she thought that a diplomatic career was right for her. In the end, she discovered the Internet and distributed networking. This has allowed her to put her engineering and diplomatic skills together. She believes in life-long learning and that career paths will change. 

Her industry has undergone some phenomenal changes. From the inception of the Internet to the Internet being a core piece of our daily lives. She is excited about understanding how technology can help us understand our future. She can’t wait to explore technology in our next frontiers in healthcare, travel, Exchange, and more!

When asked about being a female in technology, she says, “I have never allowed my gender to deter me from understanding how technology can be used as an enabler for our society.” Many women agree. “Technology has no agency…It is very important to focus on solving problems and developing industry solutions.” Monique is a pioneer, and an amazing woman to watch! 

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